Preparing Your Home for Photos


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  • 1. Clean!
    • This is the biggest step to help get your photos looking their best. Cameras pick up everything we can and cannot see.
    • The biggest thing that gets forgotten is windows. Having clean windows can bring more light into your home, making the pictures even better.
    • Clean the floors, especially if you have hardwood. The camera will pick up dust on the floor.
    • Have all trashcans put away.
    • If you have any pets, it is best to not have them in your pictures (even if they are really cute).

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  • 2. Staging the home
    • The key to remember is that “less is more”. Eliminate all the clutter. (The best place to “hide” all your items would be in a closet or a garage that is not being photographed)
    • All bedrooms should have beds neatly made and nothing on the floor.
    • Counter tops should all be cleared off, especially in the kitchen. (Leaving a nice stainless steel appliance such as a coffee maker or toaster is fine).
    • Cleaning supplies, magazines, personal effects, bathroom items should all be out away where they will not be photographed.
    • All items in the shower, tub, and vanities should be put away as well as bath mats and small area rugs.
    • A small flower arrangement can be a nice touch, but it must be small. You do not want it to block the view of the camera.
    • If possible, remove some furniture (such as a large desk or dresser) out of the way if your space is small. This will create the image of the room being larger.
    • Remove all pet bowls, litter boxes, crates, etc.
    • Remember: you are selling the house, the counters,  the walls, the floors, etc. Not your personal items.

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  • 3. Curb appeal
    • Your front yard and the front of the home are going to be the first things that potential buyers will see. Some might not even take the time to look inside if they do not like the front.
    • Remove your cars away from the driveway and down the street a little before the photographer arrives. It is also a good idea to move trash cans out of the way.
    • Have your grass mowed a few days before, that way you will not be able to see tracks from the mower, yet it will still look nice.
    • Fresh mulch in flower beds can also make a great difference.
    • Make sure you weed all the planters, trim overgrown shrubs and cut low hanging branches. (You may want to hire a landscaper for these tasks)

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  • 4. Your backyard/ Pool
    • All children’s toys, pet items and yard equipment should be put away where they cannot be seen.
    • If you have patio furniture, arrange it in an inviting manner. Also make sure they are clean and dust free.
    • If you have a pool, have it cleaned before and have all toys and floats put away. If you have a pool guy, have them come before and service it, making sure all the lights and different parts are in working order.

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  • 5. Home lighting
    • Make sure all the light bulbs and fixtures are working and on BEFORE the photographer arrives. These will help the photos turn out much  nicer.
    • Also having clean  light fixtures will help bring out better light.


  • 6. Remember: the photographer knows what they are doing, and they are trying to make your home look the best it can be.
    • Do not be offended  if they ask you to remove something, or put something away. They are trying to get you  the most  money!
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